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Glamsquad is the leading on-demand beauty service provider, bringing hair and makeup services to the comfort of its customers’ homes in metropolitan cities in the U.S. While its core business continues to grow steadily, the bridal services are not reflecting the growth. 

The bridal services booking process was manual and required a lot of back and forth communication between the brides and the bridal experience associate in order for brides to complete their bookings.

Our team was tasked to understand Glamsquad’s bridal business and redesign the bridal page to streamline the bridal service booking process and to bridge the brides' priorities with Glamsquad’s business goals.


UX Designer


Jessie Altman, UX Designer

Isis-Rae Goulbourne, UX Designer


User Research / Comparative Research / Persona / User Journey / Information Architecture / Wireframing / Prototyping / Usability Test


Sketch / Invision

Understanding the Business

We interviewed our stakeholder to understand any frustrations from Glamsquad's perspective. From speaking to the bridal service customer experience team, there were a few main issues that stood out.

Bridal service booked as normal service

A portion of their wedding services are booked as normal makeup services, which often goes unnoticed until the artists arrive to the appointments.

Manual, inefficient booking process

Glamsquad describes its bridal service booking process as "incredibly manual". On average, there are 15-25 email exchanges between brides and Glamsquad before their wedding day.

Potential underserved customer base

The team recognizes that the site does not represent a large portion of the bride population and fears that potential brides are discouraged from using Glamsquad services. 

Project Objective

From the conversations with several stakeholders at Glamsquad, we concluded that the following are the main business goals that we will be focusing on. 

1. Understand customer base

2. Streamline communication between brides and Glamsquad team

3. Increase bridal booking

UX Strategy

We wanted to clearly identify the bridal user group, isolate the contributing factors for the decrease in wedding appointments booked, and design a solution that can be implemented to grow the bridal business. 

Step 1

Current Site Audit

An evaluation of content and usability of the current site is crucial for us to understand the areas of improvement. 

Step 2

User Interview

We want to understand a bride's goals and priorities while planning their wedding.

Step 3


With the research results, business goals, and user goals in mind, we set out to redesign the site.

Step 4

Usability Testing

To understand the impact of our design and figure out next steps to continuously improve the site.

Current Site Audit

Landing Page & CTA

The wedding landing page displays a huge hero image, leaving the rest of the page under the fold. Several users didn't realize that the page is scrollable.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 4.38.40 PM.png




The "Book" button takes users to their normal service (on-demand hair and makeup services).  This header stays fixed when users scroll down the page.


The "Send a Request" button is where a bride can submit a form to inquire more information about bridal services.  


Wedding Events: 

This section explains other wedding events brides can book Glamsquad for. The content does not provide any information about what services they provide, what the rates are, how the logistics works. The small light grey text also creates an accessibility issue over the lavender background.

Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 5.06.32 PM.png

Bridal Beauty Professionals: 

Glamsquad bridal professionals go through extensive wedding specific trainings and soft skills trainings. But this advantage is not explained and highlighted properly on their site to attract brides. 


Users expressed that the photos used on the site seem very "cookiecutter" and they don't feel like they are represented.

This led to them not trusting Glamsquad to do hair and makeup on their specific skin tone and hair type. 

Usability Test Conclusion

The issues discovered can be grouped into the following categories.


Inconsistent CTA creating confusion


Content is disorganized and often irrelevant


Photos used are stock photos and not relatable


Does not provide context on how the service works

The lack of useful information and representation led to users

not trusting Glamsquad's service.

User Interview

7 Glamsquad brides as well as 6 non-Glamsquad brides were interviewed to understand their priorities and experiences while planning for the makeup & hair aspect of their wedding.

Through the user interview, we discovered 5 key insights:



Brides do a lot of research online and consider several options before deciding on a vendor



Brides are willing to pay for good service, but being able to easily find the price and service detail is crucial



Stylists are skilled and have experience working on

different hair types & skin tones 



Brides want their stylist to be friendly and calm so the they can feel comfortable and confident on their wedding day



Timely and efficient communication shows that the vendors are responsible and knowledgable


With the data and key insights that we discovered from user interviews, we created our persona, Marissa, to help us narrow the scope and focus on what will help improve the users’ experience.

Meet Marissa! 


31 Years Old | Product Manager | NYC

Marissa is a newly engaged bride just starting to plan her wedding. She gets referrals from her friends and family but always makes sure to do her own research. With four of her best friends in her bridal party, she wants to be sure that everyone is well taken care of. However, her own look is her top priority.


To look and feel like the best version of herself on her wedding day
To stay within budget while getting the best value for her money
To not worry about logistics on the day of


To have clear communication with stylist
To feel comfortable with her stylists’ skills and see some examples of their past work


Not being able to reach her stylists when she needs to
Vendors who are not transparent with their costs
Fear that something will go wrong on her big day


Uses Instagram and Pinterest to find looks, inspirations and stylists
Expeditious with her replies to vendors and expects the same in return
Generally low maintenance

Marissa's Journey Map

  • Marissa likes the modern and clean look on Glamsquad's site, but she has problem finding all the information she's looking for

  • Not knowing who her stylists will be and not being able to contact them beforehand also makes her nervous

  • She likes that Glamsquad responds quickly

  • She would like to communicate with the stylist about what she should expect 

Problem Statement

Currently, Marissa has to go back and forth with GLAMSQUAD to dig for information in order to make a decision about her style team. 


How might we help Marissa get all of the information she needs in a more concise way and reduce the back and forth between her and the GLAMSQUAD team?


Taking the problem and Marissa’s needs into account, we set out to make changes in the following areas:

  1. Visual Design

  2. Content Structure​​

  3. Transparency 

  • Bridal photos on the page have been changed to reflect more diversity.

  • Welcome banner will be a video featuring brides getting styled. The video will showcase different styles of wedding.

  • User noted they didn't know how the site works. This section was added to make the process clear and concise.

  • Outlining the value proposition of Glamsquad.

  • Service prices are listed in a menu layout and separate the services by "Bride" and "Bridal Party." This method makes the pricing transparent.

  • We want to highlight Glamsquad bridal professionals' qualifications that helps them stand out from other stylists. 

  • We include a selection of artists' past work as well as real wedding photos to reassure our users that they will be in good hands with Glamsquad.

  • Wedding events information remains the same, with the color contrast and text size increased.


Page Fold

  • ​Revised opening copy now speaks to Glamsquad's mission to pair brides with the best stylists. 

  • Bridal services are now listed at the top of the page for users to know immediately what Glamsquad has to offer.

Next Steps

For next steps, we would create responsive layouts for different screen sizes, as well as continue testing the site. We would also explore different information structure conduct testing. Lastly, we would like to revisit the request form.