Pulsd is a New York City concierge app. It claims to be the "leading resource for New Yorkers looking to discover their city, through interesting and unique experiences." Pulsd showcases restaurant deals, free events, sample sales, self care deals, and everything interesting that is happening in New York City. 


I was first introduced to this app when my friend invited me to attend a free event that she found on the Pulsd app. Since then I've been a big fan of the app. 

Below are how I would improve the UX/UI of the app.  


UX/UI Designer




I am not affiliated with Pulsd and nothing that follows is a criticism on any existing work. This is an exploration on problems I discovered through being a user of Pulsd. 

Font and Color

Pulsd has a deep wine color menu bar and uses Helvetica with 200 weight as well as Times New Roman as its main font choices.

For this case study, I decided to go with an orange color palette that is brighter,  more upbeat. I also selected the font Mutka Mahee, which has 6 weight varieties, to give a modern, clean look. 

Current Design

Main ​Color


Accent ​Color



Main ​Color


Accent ​Color


Accent ​Color



Home Page

The current home page automatically displays featured deals. The header includes confusing icons. Only the title and location of the deals are displayed.

The new home page displays featured deals as well as promotions. Users can filter results based on 3 different categories. Padding is added to create a clean, less cluttered interface.





Current Design

Fact of the Day pop-up 

The fact of the day displays interesting facts about New York City.

I moved the close button closer to the bottom where it's easier to be reached when users are on their phone with one hand. The "Share with a Friend" option is colored which establishes a higher hierarchy.



Current Design


Pulsd uses a side drop down menu with 6 main actions. I decided to group the actions into 3 categories: Home, My Events, and Profile.

Instead of hamburger navigation, bottom navigation is used so actions can be comfortably reached with just users' thumbs. 



Current Design

Filtering deals

In the Pulsd app, users can filter deals through a scrollbar, which contains deal categories and neighborhood. However, users can only select one option at a time.

I recommend separating the filters into categories, neighborhoods, and dates. 



Current Design

Deal details

The current deal page is extremely wordy. It takes a lot of reading to find important information that's relevant to the deal and the vendors. 

I categorized the information into 3 parts with only 1 paragraph showing. The users have the option to read more by selecting "see more." Deals show how many people are also participating, showing social engagement. Deals can be favorited (saved) and shared. 


Current Design

Purchase Screens

Modernized the purchase screens by including different payment methods 


My Events Tab

Currently saved deals and purchased deals are on separate tabs.

In the redesign, I combined them into one page with tabs where users can access both deals. Deals that are time sensitive is displayed in chronological order with its expiration dates showing. 


My Profile & Referral

Added users' earned credits along with links to invite friends to Pulsd.