This concept project helps improve users' experiences around going out for a drink. Whether one is looking to grab a cocktail with friends on the weekends, finding the best happy hour with co-workers around work, or planning a bar crawl on the weekend ending with a karaoke, we created SIP with the goal to help eliminate the problem spaces that we discovered in our users' going out planning process.


UX Designer

UI Redesign


3 UX Designers


Screener Survey / User Interview /​ Affinity Mapping / Persona / User Journey / Feature Prioritization​ / Design Studio​ / Wireframing / Prototyping / Usability Test


Sketch / Invision


1. User Research

We interviewed a group of NYC bar-goers to learn about their preferences and decision process.

2. Market Research

We researched competitors on the market to better understand how we can create a useful product.

3. Design Studio

With the insights, we conducted a few rounds of design studio and created mid-fi and high-fi wireframes.

4. Prototype

We conducted a few rounds of usability testing on our prototype and improved on our features and design.

User Research

To help us understand users' habits, priorities, and experiences when they go out for a drink, we interviewed 5 users in NYC.

The following key insights were observed:

What users consider



 Drink Selection




Friends' preferences

How users plan

Friends' recommendation

Google Maps




Social Media


We created a persona using all the data and key insights that we discovered from user interviews to help us narrow the scope and focus on what will help improve the users’ experience.

Meet Amanda! 

Persona Photo.png

32 Years Old | Graphic Designer | NYC

Amanda is meeting up with some old work friends who she hasn’t seen in a few months. She wants to plan a Saturday night out that’ll be enjoyable for everyone, but she’s not sure where to start.


To plan an enjoyable evening for her friends

To find good drinks at a reasonable price

To socialize and catch up with friends

To pick a place where no one has to travel too far


Bar with enough space to be comfortable

Good music but not too loud

Options for back-up bars nearby

Proximity to public transportation

Bars that offer activities besides drinking


Bars that are too crowded or completely empty

Irrelevant search results from apps/websites

Spending too much time searching for places to go

Not knowing the prices or drink menu

Having to take into account all of her friends’ various preferences


Goes out for drinks after work and on weekends

Goes to places that are recommended by her friends

Uses Yelp, Google Maps, and Social Media

Reads reviews and ratings sometimes to consider where to go

Problem Statement

​Amanda is overwhelmed by planning a night out for friends.


How might we help her narrow her search for a bar while making sure it matches her and her friends’ particular needs?

Market Research

Finding The Sweet Spot

With the apps that Amanda currently uses in mind, we wanted to find a solution that will address all the difficulties that she runs into while planning a night out with friends.

We designed SIP so that it meets all 3 priorities of Amanda in one sweet spot.

sip venn.png

Competitive Matrix

We looked at apps that are in the food and entertainment industry and realize that there is a a gap in the industry when it comes to apps that has a high social engagement and is focused on the bar industry, which is where SIP is positioned. 

High Social Engagement

Broad Industry Focus

sip competitive analysis.png

Narrow Industry Focus

sip app logo.png


Low Social Engagement

We looked at apps that are in the food and entertainment industry and realize that there is a a gap in the industry when it comes to apps that has a high social engagement and is focused on the bar industry, which is where SIP is positioned.

Ideation and Design

Mid-fi Wireframes


1. Search Tab - Home Page

Search by bar name, activity type, location etc or select one of the bar suggestions.


2. Search Tab - Search Results

​Search results generated based on location setting.


3. Search Tab - Filter 

Option to further filter search results by activity, bar type, price, etc​.


4. Search Tab - Bar Profile

Displays all relevant information, including amenities, activities. Users can rate, recommend, and share bar in message on this page.​


5. Social Tab - Message Inbox

​Users can share and plan their night out directly in the SIP app by starting a message and sharing bar profiles.


6. Social Tab - Friends List 

​Users can add friends within the SIP app to begin planning their night out.


7. Social Tab - Group Message

​Group message allows users to cast a poll on bar options, share bar profiles, and send messages.


8. Profile Tab  

​Users can fill out their profile and access their recommended bars, which are public to their friends.


9. Profile Tab - My Recommendations

Edit recommended bars on this page.

High Fidelity Prototype

Click below to check out the final prototype!

Next Steps & Takeaways

Next Steps

For next steps, I would conduct more testing as well as streamline the bar sharing, voting, messaging process flow.

We would also like to explore and develop how we can make this app useful for bar-owners. We would like the bar-owners to be able to update their business page with events and specials.


I really enjoyed conceptualizing this app. From initially thinking that this market might be oversaturated, to conducting market research and user interviews and realizing that we are filling an existing gap in the current industry, the whole process was extremely engaging and exciting.

In order to practice my UI skills, I also decided to do a complete UI redesign after the project was over. I have found so many resources and tips on color selection, interaction design, etc. I feel a lot more confident in my design skills after this experience and really look forward to more opportunities to create mobile app designs.